Turnkey Oil Analysis

Analysis results are highly dependent on how and where the sample was taken. Our Reliability Services team will spec and install sample valves and hardware, ensuring that samples are representative of your asset’s condition. Our technicians can conduct an oil analysis survey to recommend the most practical valve for each asset. As a follow up, we can routinely pull and upload samples into your analysis platform, alerting you if something doesn’t look right.


  • Survey conducted for each asset
  • QR coded labels applied to each sample point
  • Unique sample valves sized for each asset
  • Trained set of eyes in the field

Service Benefits:

  • Increased accuracy of analysis results by capturing a sample that is representative of the oil in service
  • Best-practice recommendations tailored for contamination control, visual inspections, and practical handling
  • Stay informed on alarming conditions and corrective actions with ownership of the program placed on us
  • Boost consistency of sampling to ensure more reliable trends
  • Lower costs with optimized sampling frequencies and reduced overhead

To learn more about how our Turnkey Oil Analysis service works, click here.