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Today’s diesel engines demand a better fuel. ExxonMobil Field Application Engineers will explain how Diesel Efficient™ fuel is engineered to clean up and keep fuel injectors clean. Clean injectors can help improve equipment productivity and your bottom line.

We encourage you to join us for one of two live webinars delivered by ExxonMobil to learn more about Diesel Efficient™ fuel and ask Field Application Engineers your diesel engine and technology questions.

Register here:

Tuesday, March 30 11:00AM EST/ 10:00AM CST 

Wednesday, March 31 3:00PM EST/ 2:00PM CST



Mobil Diesel Efficient™ fuel, delivered by ExxonMobil licensed resellers, is the first and only fully formulated, additized diesel fuel with a proven fuel economy claim in the United States.

Its patented additive technology is a multi-yfunctional detergent system that is injected and blended into ASTM D975 base fuel with precision at the fuel terminal.

Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel benefits