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Reliability Services at Lard Oil


Maximize Your Equipment’s Uptime

In any industry, keeping equipment up and running through preventive maintenance is key to maximizing profit. With Lard Oil’s lubrication services, we can keep your equipment functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Consulting with Certified Lubricant Specialists

Our expertly trained staff includes Certified Lubricant Specialists (CLS) by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). Our staff also holds multiple MLT certificates by ICML. We inspect gears, bearings, and hydraulics to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency.

Each team member is knowledgeable and trained in the technical application for every lubricant we provide. This wealth of knowledge helps us find personalized solutions to maximize your equipment’s efficiency. We can deliver tangible benefits to your business through:

  • Detailed lubrication instructions
  • Feed rate or leak studies
  • Gear, bearing, and hydraulic inspections
  • Lubricant scheduling software
  • Lubrication training
  • Oil analysis implementation and interpretation
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Storage and handling studies
  • System and part inspections
  • System studies
  • Troubleshooting

Choose the Industrial Lubricant Experts – Call us at (800) 738-7738.

Training Your Team for Success

The team at Lard Oil doesn’t just provide you with lubricant products and services for your equipment, we also offer training for your personnel. These training seminars can boost your equipment’s reliability and cut maintenance costs. Some training programs and seminars include:

  • Bearing lubrication
  • Contamination control
  • Coupling lubrication
  • Effective methods of flushing machinery
  • Electric motor grease and proper greasing procedures
  • Fundamentals of gears
  • Fundamentals of grease
  • Fundamentals of hydraulic systems
  • Fundamentals of lubrication
  • Interpreting oil analysis
  • Rust prevention for rotating equipment
  • Storage and handling of lubricants
  • Synthetic lubricants
  • Varnish prediction and detection for turbomachinery

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Clean oil for maximum equipment life – oil filtration and purification.

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With the FilterIT system, we can clean and purify oil systems without shutting down your equipment. FilterIT technology is unique to Lard Oil Company, and our experts perform on-site diagnostics of your equipment’s lubricant condition, including finding the source of contamination.

Learn more about our FilterIT technology here.




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Mobil Serv™ offers a wide array of services ranging from lubricant analysis to technical services designed to help you optimize your maintenance programs and machine availability to achieve your operational goals.



Desiccant breathers are used to keep moisture and particulate contamination out of oil and out of equipment.



Single and multi-point lubrication systems help keep equipment properly lubricated for maximum equipment life and for hard-to-reach applications.



Fleet fuel management for total fleet efficiency.



Complete line of food-grade and other lubricants.